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The Private College and School Association of New Jersey represents the majority of the State’s privately owned post-secondary schools that offer a wide variety of career focused and degree granting programs. It is the only statewide organization dealing with the specific problems and interests of proprietary schools throughout New Jersey. As the demand for specialized career training has increased over the years, so has the membership in PCSA. From a nucleus formed by the States largest institutions in 1972, the organization has grown to the member schools listed on this website. These schools must be licensed by the State Department of Education in order to gain membership. Additionally, members must pledge adherence to the PCSANJ’s high standard of ethics and operating procedures.





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The mission of the Private College and School Association of New Jersey is to foster the highest level of professionalism and integrity in New Jersey career schools as they satisfy the occupational education and employment needs of business, industry, and government. Additionally, the Association serves to promote the positive contribution made by career schools in developing individual human potential and helping to fulfill labor market needs. The Association works diligently to ensure a legislative and regulatory environment that is conducive to the successful and responsible operation of New Jersey career schools.




The Private College and School Association of New Jersey would like to provide you with absolutely free additional information regarding our schools and colleges. Please contact us via the form on the following page with the information you requested. PCSA will make sure that the appropriate information is sent to you as quickly as possible.

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